Allen Hively

Humans have an innate desire to feel unique. We seek careers, hobbies and friends that characterize our diversity.  Doctors, mechanics, accountants, insert career-path here; despite our relentless efforts to define ourselves, we as humans are always hungry for “more”.

Allen Hively is a lifetime student of history, competitive skydiver, avid sailor, and scuba diver.  Adventurists generate a variety of labels, but in the end, regardless of opinion or personal choices, we all like excitement in our lives.  Telling stories that revolve around thrilling adventures isn’t enough, it’s “… bringing the characters to life” that keeps Allen's imaginative inner-child alive.  Without following the confine of one genre, Allen's stories reminisce with the passion in us all.

Allen spends most of his free time skydiving and has been published in Parachutist magazine on multiple occasions.  For the past five years he’s been writing full time pursuing his dream to bring his stories to life and to share them with the world.  For him, experience has proven to be nature’s teacher and her lessons are the bits and pieces of anecdotes that exist all around us.

A nontraditional author, Allen believes in the voice of his characters.  People rarely speak as we’re taught to write.  His first novel, The Portal, is a soft science fiction story combining modern-day time travelers and a lost treasure from the 17th century Spanish treasure fleets. The Savant, his second story, is a fiction drama love story about a functional musical savant who breaks into the music industry.  Allen enjoys reading and writing in both genres and plans to run with both until one defines him.